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How We Compare

Another BOM tool?

We've designed Amplio to blend the best aspects of both comprehensive, high-end BOM tools and the accessible, user-friendly solutions offered by distributors like Digikey and Octopart.

With a focus on simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability, our goal is to provide a friendly and valuable BOM management experience for everyone.

Amplio vs Others BOM Tools




BOM Scrubbing

Accurate Inventory Data

Proactive Risk Detection

Alternate Part Suggestions

Shortage Resolution

Free Access

It takes a village to build great hardware

It takes 5 minutes to upload and scrub your first BOM. From there, start exploring the data to make better sourcing decisions.

Save 1 day per week searching for inventory and comparing pricing on various BOM tools.

Multiply your team by x10 by chatting live with our sourcing specialists to help you find the parts you need.

Trusted by innovative teams at

Save time with a single source of truth for your BOMs

Pricing Overview

All the essentials at no cost

For small teams



We always complained using expensive software to build better hardware.
Let's do it differently.

What’s included
  • 1 BOM
  • 200 unique MPNs
  • Up to 2 users
  • 200 reports/month
For efficient teams



Unlock collaboration across your product line. A powerful plan that scales with your needs.

What’s included
  • 15 BOMs
  • 5000 unique MPNs
  • Up to 10 users
  • Unlimited reports
  • Shortage Resolution
Need more? Contact us and we'll design a plan that works for you.